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Evolve your diet

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The idea behind Evolve Diet is fairly simple – it makes food availability variable and unpredictable in a way that simulates the dietary pressure in which our ancestors evolved. For most of our existence humans have been hunters and foragers and it is only in recent history that we have had unrestricted and constant access to food. Food supply for most of human existence was variable, and availability depended on climate, on season, on competition, and many other environmental factors. Now that the food supply is constant (and abundant) our bodies don’t know how to handle it. Our bodies assume that bad times are coming, and work hard to store fat for leaner times, which today promotes obesity.

The method is based on caloric restriction, the “Aha” or invention comes from randomizing different personalized and restrictive caloric targets to a calendar making food availability variable and unpredictable, so that you take each day at a time.

How does Evolve work?
To put it simply, everyday you get to eat a certain number of calories – a target. That number is provided at random each morning and is built off of a proprietary algorithm and method based on your specific health data and goals.  So, like our ancestors, each day starts with the unknown. How much do I get to eat today? The Evolve method will share that number, that morning – and you have to step up to the challenge. How much do you get to eat tomorrow? Well that is for tomorrow, you only get today’s number. Some days will be easy. Some days will be hard. Some days you go hungry but in the end you will lose weight and improve your quality of life.

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