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Smart Alarm

iPhone, iPad Application



Smart Alarm

The smart alarm is a software application to awake the heavy sleepers.Like the other iPhone app we can add multiple alarms.

The speciality about the Smart Alarm

1) Once the smart alarm rings we can stop the alarm by shaking the handset once the left side graph reaches the top screen the alarm becomes silent.

2)We can also stop the alarm by answering the mathematical puzzles.

3)The alarm can also be stopped by entering the code which is in the iPhone app.

4) In this we need to answer the mathematical puzzle and then shake the iPhone or else by enter the code which is already in the i phone and then shake to stop the alarm .

The over all design and appearence of the mobile looks really great to attract any one .In the market the product is going to reach in all the hands to awake the crowd and the dealers.

iPhone, Mobile

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